We offer various entry options in order to obtain a qualification as a nursing specialist that is recognised in Germany:

  1. A three-year training course in Germany as a nursing specialist (without previous specialist knowledge)
  2. A so-called "adjustment qualification" for applicants who have completed vocational training/university studies in their home country, provided by Amesol
Our programmes qualify and accompany you all the way to your future secure job in the healthcare sector in Germany!

We offer for your successful professional future

  • A good and secure job in nursing professions in Germany
  • Possibility of family reunification
  • Good career and development opportunities
  • An attractive salary well above the level in your home country

What are we doing for you?

In the country of origin

  • We will inform you in detail about our programmes and the nursing profession in Germany
  • We advise you on your desired job and place of work in Germany
  • We look for a suitable employer for you and organise interviews with them up to the employment contract
  • We offer language training up to German B2 level
  • We submit the applications for school and professional recognition in Germany
  • We apply for the visa for you
  • We prepare you with our digital trainee programme in the best possible way, both technically and linguistically
  • Our team supports you with all questions and problems
  • We organise contact and getting to know your future employer/team
  • We organise the trip to Germany (incl. flight)


  • Together with your employer, we will help you to settle down in Germany
  • Depending on how you get started, either your employer takes over your theoretical and practical training or we run the approx. 8-month Amesol Training Programme (ATP) with our partner, the Amesol Academy, for the recognition of your foreign professional qualification
  • We will organise all necessary administrative procedures with you
  • We are your contact for all your questions
  • We prepare your employer and your new team for your arrival
  • We will help you with professional development and career planning
  • After your arrival in Germany, you will receive a salary from the first day of work (recognised as a trainee or as a qualified nurse)


We want to create a community of companies, institutions and nursing professionals that support each other, constantly improve processes and thus ensure reliable integration and qualification for motivated applicants from Asia.