Uniteam Healthcare Services was founded to counteract the increasing shortage of healthcare professionals in Germany. We offer a high quality selection, training and social integration programme that guarantees a high success rate for both applicants and employers.

Why work with us:

  • We strive for sustainable cooperation on fair terms in compliance with WHO standards
  • We implement an innovative, competence-oriented qualification and integration concept that has already proven itself in practice (over 400 foreign skilled workers)
  • We look after and accompany the specialists well beyond their recognition and also coach the employer teams to ensure successful social/cultural and professional integration
  • We offer interested applicants attractive career prospects and aim to place well-trained and highly motivated candidates who are available to German employers on a long-term basis
  • We would like to build a “healthcare community” whose members consist of students, professionals who have already been placed in Germany, universities, colleges and experienced returnees (alumni) in their country of origin
  • In the long term, we plan to jointly expand and supplement the foreign curriculum with German training content, including innovative learning methods (blended learning/e-learning) and language mentoring

Our Plan

  • In the next two years, we want to work with you as an employer to place students who have already completed their training in Germany at high-quality institutions and ensure integration and qualification at the highest level
  • Alternatively, we want to place trainees with a good knowledge of German in a three-year vocational training course to become a nursing specialist
  • In a second step, we want to set up "German classes" in your facility and constantly develop them further in order to shorten the lead time for a career in nursing professions in Germany

Our Goal

  • Recognition of the qualification in the country of origin and in Germany or passing the final examination after the three-year training as a nursing specialist
  • High technical know-how through knowledge transfer from Germany as a supplement to the foreign curriculum
  • Accelerated recognition procedure in Germany
  • Excellent career opportunities for the students in Germany and in their home country

Our Vision

We want to create a community of companies, institutions and nursing professionals that support each other, constantly improve processes and thus ensure reliable integration and qualification for motivated applicants from Asia.


If you are interested in trained Asian nurses or in Asian applicants who would like to start a three-year nursing apprenticeship in your company, please do not hesitate to contact us!